PhotoToFilm 2.9

An easy-to-use program for making movies out of your photo collection
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With the development of digital photography, many people have gathered a huge photo collection that would like to watch on their TV set instead of their computer screen. If you are one of such persons, then you may find useful Photo To Film. This is an easy-to-use program that does exactly what its name implies in an easy, straightforward manner. You only need to add the photos you would like to convert and follow a series of easy steps to create a movie file. It is possible to change the order of the pictures according to your taste; also, you can add a music background using any piece of your MP3 collection, matching the duration of the movie with the lenght of the music file. Also, it is possible to change the photos' titles so they match the contents of the movie. You can choose the video format of the resulting file from a list that includes DiVX, and MVSC (Microsoft Video), but not other popular formats like AVI, MOV or MPEG, at least in the trial version of the program. Finally, the program has an option for burning the file directly to DVD or watching it on the computer. Be aware, nevertheless, that a "nag screen" appears in the resulting file using the trial version.
There is a newer version for downloading at the developer's site.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use


  • Resulting files using trial version feature a "nag screen"
  • Trial version does not include some popular video formats.
  • Somewhat costly
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