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Allows you to convert your photo collections into fantastic video files
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PhotoToFilm is a very lightweight software tool that allows you to convert your photo collections into fantastic video files by adding audio, transitions and other effects. The program is designed to be used by both novice and expert users. Besides, its interface has been translated into almost thirty popular languages around the world.

PhotoToFilm allows you to perform the whole operation in a simple and intuitive manner. First of all, you should start adding your source photos or image files, but unfortunately, the program only supports JPEG and BMP formats. Next, you can organize your photos by settings their order and adding an optional text to each one. You can specify your custom order, or let the program select a random order for you. Next, you can select the soundtrack for your production, which is as simple as browsing for an MP3 file. But once again, only MP3 audio file format is supported.

You can also configure a set of additional parameters, such as enabling/disabling dynamic pictures, cross-fading and on-video text insertion, specifying the duration of each picture and the video's frame rate. On "Video Compression" section, on the other hand, you can select the compression codec and the output resolution. The program is designed to work with the codecs already installed on your PC, but you have the option to download additional ones if you need so. Finally, you can select the output file name and location, and start the video generation with one additional click.

Once the process is finished, you are asked to select an action to take place next: playing the video, burning it into a disc, converting it into a DVD folder or opening the containing folder. To burn a disc, however, you need to install "CopyToDVD", an additional tool of the same publisher. That's it! Now you can start sharing your new video file with all your friends and family.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Suitable for novice users.
  • Its interface is available in almost thirty popular languages


  • Supports JPEG and BMP image file formats only.
  • Supports MP3 audio file format only
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