Creates stunning videos with music background and transitions from your photos
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Creating stunning videos from your photos or image files is not only possible but also easy if you resource to a software tool such as PhotoToFilm. All you need to do is add all your source photos, provide the output file name and location, and click the "Go!" button, so this is the perfect tool for the job if you are a beginner. If you are an expert, on the other hand, you can configure the more advanced parameters such as the duration of each image and the output resolution of your video; add a subtitle for each source image, select an MP3 file to be used as background sound, and even select the codec to be used for the video compression and configure its internal parameters.

From my point of view, the program's user interface is a bit messy and dull, and I think the developers should pay a bit more attention to this aspect, as it could be widely improved. Your list of source images is packed together with all the configurable parameters and function buttons within a single window, which might be pretty confusing for an inexpert user. Besides, I would say that most of the included elements are not really self-descriptive, thus, it is a good idea to start by watching the program's video tutorial that you can access by simply clicking on the "Help" button.

Although the program's website suggests that it is possible to add "transitions" for the creation of your videos, the only one that is really available is cross-fade, that can only be enabled or disabled. The same thing happens with the "dynamic pictures" and "on-video text insertion" effects, and you can also define the time-per-picture parameter with milliseconds precision. However, a very interesting feature of PhotoToFilm can automatically adjust this parameter so that your total video duration matches exactly with the length of the MP3 file you selected as soundtrack. Finally, it's worth mentioning that the program depends on the codecs you have installed on your PC for the creation of your video file and thus, if you install new codecs you are also somehow expanding the program's functionality.

To sum it all up, PhotoToFilm is a versatile tool that allows both beginners and experts to create customized video files from their photos. Unfortunately, the program can only work with files in JPEG and BMP formats. As a curious fact, the developers offer a lite installer besides the regular one, being the main difference between them that the lite one is totally clean while the regular one includes "Relevant Knowledge", a third-party tool you won't probably want to install on your system. However, if you accept to install it, you will be allowed to use the program for free - or at least that's what the developers proclaim on their website.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Add a background music for your video
  • Add a subtitle to each source image of your project
  • Select the codec to be used for video compression
  • Add the cross-face effect to your video
  • Adjusts the duration of each image to match the soundtrack length


  • Supports MP3 files only for the soundtrack
  • Offers a messy, dull and not-very-intuitive interface
  • Supports cross-fade as the only transition effect
  • Works with images in JPEG and BMP formats only
  • Depends on the codecs installed on your PC for video creation
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